State Inspection

Getting your car inspected can be a chore. Between home and work, it can be a tough thing to schedule. You see that sticker on your windshield every day and the closer it gets, you think, “This year, I am going to get that done sooner rather than later.” You promise yourself that you will, but every morning you get back in that car and off to work or play you go. Once again, you notice that impending date and think to yourself, “Okay, now I really have to go!”

We inspect to the Virginia State Police Safety Inspection Standards found here.

Replacement of Stolen/Lost/Damaged State Inspection Approval Stickers

The Safety Division issues replacement stickers for lost and/or damaged safety inspection approval stickers under certain conditions, without causing the vehicle to be re-inspected. This process provides a valuable service to those citizens affected by loss, damaged and stolen inspection stickers without compromising the purpose of the Inspection Program. To replace your inspection sticker, contact the Safety Division.